Start Here If You Are New to Forex

This page is dedicated to giving your more direction when looking for forex education and training. If you would like to talk to me please leave a comment or email me. The focus here is to share information on how to get started in forex and I do that by utilizing the services of UOP and their training, tools and indicators. If you want a hands off approach to trading use the auto-trader. If you need help id pairs to trade then make use of the trade scanner. You can also use the trade manager to help you buy/sell and close trades. All of these along with the phone app for trading can be found here: Click the Link

All of the necessary steps to learning and using the tools are explained inside the web site. You will need to pay a monthly subscription for this education and training in forex. I personally think it’s second to none so far. You will need to find out for yourself of course but I highly recommend that you take advantage of the trainers and their approachable no-nonsense way of presenting the topics on forex trading.


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